Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paigey's wedding plans...

my sweet three year old Paigey....  She has her little heart fixed on her childhood buddy Travis...  (His mom and I are okay with the arranged marriage idea...  we'd make good inlaws, and those two sweet kiddos sure do have a special place in their heart for each other.  Only time will tell!)

Well, the other day as I laid down with her to get ready for her nap, she says, "Can't kids get married, Mom?"
"Nope, baby," I said, "You have to wait to you're grown up."
"Okay." She says and rolls over.  Pauses, then says, "Well, when I am grown up and I get to marry Travis,  we are going to get married in our backyard and have a party and eat fruit and vegetables.  And I am going to wear a beautiful dress and a cape on my head."

ps...  listening to tim McGraw's "My little girl" as I write this...  just saying, if you feel like crying and thinking of Paigey in her Cape.  :)

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