Saturday, October 15, 2011

morning cuddles

this morning i was cuddling my little sleepyhead jordy pie...  She crawled into my bed rocking her morning bedhead and quickly wrapped her little arms around me.  I told her how much i loved morning cuddles with her.

she said, "i know, I miss when we could do this everyday!"  (the seemingly unending nature of the school year is setting in).

"I do too," I told her.  "We could just snuggle as long as we wanted to with nowhere to go!"

To which she responded, "Those were the days."

I don't take picture of her rocking bedhead often, but here is what that sweet little girl looks like in the morning as taken from her sisters birthday a few months back...  She's in the background, but you get the idea fo the little tossed and turned face that wakes me up with these delightful thoughts.  :)
my little bedhead baby...