Monday, January 25, 2010

Carolina on my mind...

had so much fun at disneyland the other day... Jordyn cracked me up... Auntie and Tio out in North Carolina must be on her mind... she went on soaring over California for the first time, but kept calling it "soaring over north Carolina"... so sweet.

then we were in the talk with crush show and crush asked Jordyn where she was from, to which she promptly replied, "I'm from North Carolina." when we asked her later she said she just forgot where's she's from... hopefully we will get her out there to visit Auntie and Tio in North Carolina soon... its obviously on her mind. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jordyn and Daddy go Fishing...

Today Steve took Jordyn fishing for a daddy/daughter date... Breakfast for Jordy and Daddy followed by fishing at the lake... they didn't catch any fish (Jordyn throwing rocks in the lake probably didn't help much) but they had a great time!

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jordyn and the birdies

so lately birds have been on jordy's mind...

the other day, we were taking a walk and Jordyn stops, points to the electrical wires and asks me, "Mommy, what are those?"
"well, sweetie, those bring electricity to our houses so we can use our lights and tvs, and..."
"oh, I thought we'd just put them up so the birds would have someplace to sit."

then yesterday we were driving down harbor blvd past the fox theater. we'd passed it a few days ago and I had told her it had been an old theater. I told her that they used to have movies and popcorn inside and that there were people working to get it all fixed up so it could be used again.... well, yesterday as we drive past it she says, "look, there's that bird feeder."
"The, what?"
"The bird feeder, mommy. where they have all the popcorn and movies for the birds at the feeder. that's what you told me."

lastly, a story for those of you who know what a princess lover jordy is...
My parents often have jordyn spend the night once a week or so, and did so a few weeks back. She is just the most delightful little creature in the morning, full of observations and ponderings and snuggles and laughter.
Well, this particular sleepover, they had read a Cinderella book the night before. You know, cinderella, her little mice friends and the glass slipper... here is an excerpt of her favorite part...

The next morning, Jordyn wakes up, turns to my mom and says, " do you hear that?"
"what's that, sweetie?"
"those birdies! do you hear them tweeting?"
"i do!"
"I bet they are out there making ME a dress, just like they did with the mice in CInderella!!"

i love this little girl and her imagination... birds making her dresses, going to the movies and living in a city that puts up power lines so birds have a place to sit... :) She sure makes each day an adventure...

to close, here's jordyn pretending to be cinderella last christmas...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"shaving the car" with jordyn...

We washed our cars at my mom's house this afternoon -

while we were going over the window with the squeegee,
jordyn says, "I want to shave the car!"

now, there's a new ad campaign for squeegees... Squeegees, like razors for your car when it has that five o clock shadow."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

playing doctor...

We took Paigey to the doctor today, and Jordyn loves to pretend afterwards that she is our doctor.

"Well Hello Dr. Wu." My Mom and I say as Jordyn comes out, fisher price dr. kit in hand and a pair of my mom's reading glasses perched on top of her little nose....

"Hello," say replies. She picks out the baby doll she will be examining for the day and goes through the doctor process...

She listens to the heart beating, "It sounds like a bug." she reports back.

She gets the reflex hammer out, "Yup, she has knees."

She gets the Otoscope (don't be impressed, I looked it up) and looks in the baby dolls eyes first, followed by the ears.

"what do you see, Jord- I mean, Dr. Wu?" My mom asks.

To which Jordyn replies without hesitation: "I see little red brains."

Oh my, Jordyn, you do make me smile. I wouldn't believe the things you say were true if I wasn't there!

Christmas and New Years Memories

Hope you enjoy some of our Christmas and New Year Memories with the Girls!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

through the bible with jordyn

So we've been reading bible stories every night with jordyn and came across Cain and Able tonight... I happened to leave out the part where Cain kills Able because I thought that might not help with the night terrors and all...

Anyway, I'm telling her the story, at least the abridged version, "Able is bringing God his best sheep, can you find Able?" (She points to Able.)
Me: "And Cain is..."
Jordyn: "Cane? They are both boys though!"
Me: "Cain is be a boys name, Jordyn."
Jordyn: "I don't think so. Cane. Like a Candy Cane. I'm pretty sure that's a girl's name, Mom."