Tuesday, January 5, 2010

playing doctor...

We took Paigey to the doctor today, and Jordyn loves to pretend afterwards that she is our doctor.

"Well Hello Dr. Wu." My Mom and I say as Jordyn comes out, fisher price dr. kit in hand and a pair of my mom's reading glasses perched on top of her little nose....

"Hello," say replies. She picks out the baby doll she will be examining for the day and goes through the doctor process...

She listens to the heart beating, "It sounds like a bug." she reports back.

She gets the reflex hammer out, "Yup, she has knees."

She gets the Otoscope (don't be impressed, I looked it up) and looks in the baby dolls eyes first, followed by the ears.

"what do you see, Jord- I mean, Dr. Wu?" My mom asks.

To which Jordyn replies without hesitation: "I see little red brains."

Oh my, Jordyn, you do make me smile. I wouldn't believe the things you say were true if I wasn't there!

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