Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Mommy is Never Sick

I had strep throat or something horrible the past couple of days (feeling a bit better thanks to some antibiotics and rest). Being sick was never that big of a deal to me when I worked outside of the home.... so there'd be extra work to catch up on when I came back but really it equated to a day at home, albeit feeling less than stellar, to catch up on movies and take a nap and a bubble bath while someone else does the cooking.

Yesterday the doctor offered to write me a note to take off work for a couple of days. :) Somehow I think if I gave that to Jordyn and Paige, they might not quite understand. These days, staying home from work is not really an option. The past couple days have been salvaged thanks to having wonderful neighborhood kids off from school for the summer who loved on my girls while I napped, went to the doctor, the pharmacy and tried to sleep off the inability to swallow without feeling like daggers were in my throat. :)

Anyhow, the purpose of this post. Jordyn and Paige are current playing with Little People in their room, and Jordyn has one of the kids singing a song...

"My Mommy is never sick!
My Mommy is never sick!
My Mommy is never sick!
Oh, no, no, no!

She never eats sugar,
she eats all her dinner
so she won't get sick!
And she can cuddle with me.

If someone at the supermarket
sneezes in front her,
she runs the other way!!!!!
Yes, My Mommy is never..... EVER.... SICK!!!!"

It made me smile, and made me wish I wasn't sick.... Her primary complaint (as she noted in the song) is that she can't cuddle with me when I am sick. I am glad her world is ideal in Little People Land. :)

And I think that my primary complaint about being sick as a stay at home mom is not really the lack of bubble baths and tivo shows (I've still managed to squeeze a bit of that and early bedtimes in). I think I miss the cuddles the most too. The ability to comfort my children with my very presence and touch is such a humbling and precious gift.

So for those of you not waiting to get results back on a throat culture to tell you if kissing your children will give them strep throat in 2 to 5 days, give them an extra kiss tonight, and getting to cuddle them at 2 in the morning if they had a bad dream. Enjoy kissing your hubby when he walks in the door, and sharing the covers with him tonight even if he's prone to snoring. Enjoying cooking dinner, folding laundry and putting away the dishes without wondering how many germs you might be spreading in the process. Mostly though, enjoy cuddling. :)