Wednesday, April 28, 2010

also today...

Me: "Does it smell like someone pooped in here?"
Jordyn: "No, it smells like roses!"

Earlier regarding a mess made in the carseat (on accident...
J: "Mommy, I promise I will NEVER make a mess again."
Me: "Well, I'm holding you to that."

ballet with jordyn

Music Box Ballerina
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Jordyn standing, looking at the mirror calls out, "First position!" (put her feet in something close to first position...

"Second position... third position ... fourth position... fifth position...ummm.... next position... last position! Tada!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

calling heaven...

some of you may know my great grandma passed away a year ago this past weekend... she was such a treasure ... saw beauty in everyday details, loved deeply, gave freely and made each moment a moment to treasure....

she and jordyn had an extra special connection... two peas in a pod. Jordyn really has so much of gram in her...

Here's a little smilebox of the two of them.

This morning Jordyn told Paige and I we needed to be quiet, she was trying to make a phone call.

"Oh, who are you calling, Jordyn?"

"I'm trying to call heaven to talk to Great Grandma Jan. Now please keep it down so I can talk... Hello, Grandma, it's Jordyn. How are you? Are you feeling good? Oh, I'm so glad. I love you. I miss you."