Sunday, February 7, 2010

Real Football

So today we, along with millions of other people across the country enjoyed the time honored tradition of perching ourselves in front of the tv to watch the superbowl... My two little birds had quite different reactions.

Paige loved it. She discovered what we all have come to know, that the superbowl is all about food and big tvs... She arched her little neck to peer up at the wall mounted tv in my parents living room, quite interested in the larger than life images of the football players and the vibrant colors of the game. She also realized that the game is really a chance to eat food, and as a new eater with developing tastebuds, she was quite upset at us all when we sat bowl with bowls of chili and sppons all headed not to her open mouth but ours...

Jordyn on the other hand decided that she is much more a fan of live sports. The majority of her exposure to football has been going to the friday night high school football games with my parents. Ahh, high school football games, to a three year old mostly about getting popcorn or cotton candy, watching the football players run through the sign, and wondering if someday you too might make the ascent to the lofty role of high school cheerleader... Somewhere around the middle of the third quarter, Jordyn says, "Can we turn this off and go the the real football game?" (meaning the high school game, not the actual superbowl.) She was however quite ammused with the third essential element of the game: the commercials. Highest ranking so far are the one where the sock moneky goes to vegas and the bachelor party saves shamu...

hope you enjoyed your superbowl!

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