Thursday, December 17, 2009

a collection of things I had posted on facebook that jordyn has said

jordyn says today. "girls are supposed to wear pink listick. and boys are supposed to.... wear blue lipstick." 12/4/09

while folding the sheets this morning, jordyn asks me, "is that your cape, mommy?" because usually I wear a cape. 11/24/09

after taking jordyn and paige to get shots, Jordyn says, "I am definately not letting them do that to paige again." the next week after another round for paige (paige is crying), "I told you she didn't want to mom."

jordyn is dipping her triscuits and tuna into her milk... "don't do that, Jordyn," I say. "I love it that way, mommy!" as she takes a big gulp of milk. delicious. well, at least she's eating. 11/13/09

jordyn: "thank you, mom. you saved the day." :) and all i did was get her toy back from roxy. 11/2

jordyn is pretending she is baby jesus and roxy is king herod 10/20

"jordyn, what do you want in your burrito?" "jelly beans please, they are my favorite kind of beans." 10/5

Paige was grunting and Jordyn asks what she's saying. I held her up to my ear like she was telling em a secret. Apparently her grunting meant, "I have to spit up." Cause she did. In my ear. Gross. 9/1

just home from Paige's shower - Jordyn called it the "Big Sister/Little Sister Party"... i feel very loved! 8/23

Jordyn to paige on the way home from the nicu, "it will be okay, paige, i'm here."

the Jordyn quotes of the morning: "Please, Mr. Mama Alligator?" and "Mama- Baby Jesus sent me an email!" 7/24

jordyn is feeding a bottle to a picture of Paige on the computer... between all my post pregnancy hormones, I don't know if I should laugh or cry. 7/16/09

jordyn getting to see apige in teh nicu "she's moving!" "I want to hold her!" "here's some holes that i could take her out!" (the arm holes in the isolette.)

enjoying having my hubby and little one with me while bedresting... steve is cooking up pancakes and jordyn playing dress up and dancing to "dancing queen". haha 6/28

Jordyn says, "Mommy, don't say no to people. It makes people sad when you say no to them." (this was in reference to me saying, "no Jordyn, you can't have a cupcake right now.") 6/18

jordyn in bed, about 2 minutes before she fell asleep tonight was singing, "Please don't stop the music, music, music..." 6/16

Jordyn: "Oh no, what is Roxy doing in the bushes?!?" Me: "umm, I think she's probably pooping." Jordyn: "Pooping in my garden?!?! Oh no! That's not nice!" 6/10

jordyn quote of the night... "i miss you so much that there are drops of water coming out of my eyes!" 6/9

jordyn says, "i want a grilled cheese sandwich." "A grilled cheese sandwich?" "yes, with no lettuce!"

jordyn is playing with her little people fishers price ark. she says, "all aboard! we're going to mexico!"

jordyn was just playing baby dolls in the other room... i hear her say, "i need to find a nest for my baby to sleep in." :) i wonder what she'll think when we don't but the new baby to sleep in a tree. 5/26

"Jordyn's Princess Disco Ball" because she believes no party should go without a disco ball!

jordyn, "and thank you god for my wonderful bedroom even though it doesn't have a pink tv in it. and thank you for all the toys that you made." 5/18/09

my sister is leaving agin, back to north carolina... jordyn told her, "please don't leave, auntie!" 4/7

Today Jordyn suggested we name the upcoming baby sister eeyore, jordyn, june, leo, or weasel. "Weasel. That is the perfect name for a baby sister." 3/14 other names she suggested along the way included Santa and Hot Corndog.

of a picture she drew before we found out Paige would be a girl... a blue figure and a pink figure... she actually told me she is the blue one, and the baby is the little one in the corner. i asked her if the baby was a girl and she said, "No, mommy, I am the girl! the baby is a boy."

loves her little girl. she just made me a boiled apple, cheese and lettuce soup in her play kitchen. delicious.2/28

Jordyn just told me, "be patient, mommy, be patient." 1/22

just watched my daughter literally bounce off a wall.1/4/09

Happy birthday baby jesus

I asked Jordyn to clean her room, and she must think she's cinderella, cause she started singing "A dream is a wish your heart makes."

Lindsay is laughing at how jordyn has officially mastered how to find nemo on my ipod. 10/8/08

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